Hammers are – literally – the beating heart of your shredder. They must be durable and create value for your company.

Our bottom line: we combine years of field work in metal recycling with a decades-long expertise in castings. This enables PSP to offer you a complete range of hammers for all applications, from heavy-duty hammers in manganese steel to the more sophisticated hammers in differentially hardened CrNiMo steel.

We make hammers of every shape, for virtually all shredder brands. From classic bell-shaped hammers to custom solutions tailored on your needs, we have the right solution for you. 

Pick your favorite!


  • MN13 – tough, dependable, great value for money
  • MN1 – our premium Mo-alloyed manganese steel, designed for superior hardenability and mechanical properties
  • NV-0 – low alloyed steel, quenched and tempered to the desired hardness range with an eye to optimal resilience. Available for single hardness hammers.
  • RSX differential hardness – state of the art material for shredder hammers, produced with our proprietary heat treatment. Designed to be as hard as it gets in the beating part, without renouncing to toughness and dependability where they are needed.