Wear Parts Optimization

Every SHREDDER has its own story, and it is one we like to hear. 

Metal recycling installations need continuous updates, driven by market-available technological innovations and, even more importantly, by the way they are used. Only a careful work at the customer’s side can open a path of new efficiency, and that is what we do: throughout its history, PSP Italia has helped many operators to fine tune their parts to peak performance.  We offer a full engineering service and great flexibility to design custom parts and metallurgy for the improvement of quality and quantity of your output. Continuous improvement is in our DNA and in that of our products


Our team of engineers and designers can plan and carry out any type of maintenance on your SHREDDER. From the replacement of small parts of the machine to its complete REVAMPING, PSP ITALIA will meet any challenge. The construction of large fabrications up to 100 t, which are the heart of your SHREDDER, is carried out first and foremost by listening to the users and looking at the original manufacturer’s design of your SHREDDER. Nothing is left to chance; everything is set on new prospects of efficiency.